Maemo Unofficial Debs

MUD is "Maemo Unofficial Debs". It's an autobuilder to make it bring together simple source ports, and to ensure they're available in a single repository.

It was inspired by conversations on maemo-developers and at Internet Tablet Talk.

For example, privoxy, netcat, vim, rsync etc. are all candidates for MUD. The idea is that small scripts/configuration files will describe how to build Maemo-specific ARMEL debs which are run on developer's machines. This will result in one or many debs which can then be deployed on This means that each individual developer scratching an itch for a port will not have to find a repo to host it, and projects with little or no changes for Maemo from the upstream source will not have to apply for a Garage project: a patch will be provided to MUD and the resulting deb deployed to the extras repository during the next run.

The source code to the autobuilder is under the Artistic Licence, but the resulting debs will be under the licence of the original project.

Getting started

The documentation section is burgeoning, and will guide you through installation and creating simple - and more complex - packages.

At the moment, it's a little sparse, but feel free to ask questions on the mailing list and people would be happy to help. Alternatively, there are often people who use and develop MUD hanging out in the #maemo IRC channel.

The workflow is designed around contributions of packages which people would like to see on their Maemo device, without the hassle of continually building, uploading and signing the packages. Therefore, getting involved is crucial to the survival of the project in meeting its aims. Patch trackers, access to the Subversion version control system and other statistics can be found on the Garage page.

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