Admin merge workflow

This workflow describes how admins should merge patches which have been submitted to the patch tracker. The user-facing workflow is described elsewhere.

  1. Assign issue to yourself as soon as you start looking at it/reviewing it.
  2. Review/test patch. Minimum requirements are:
  3. Add review comments as comment to the issue, and return to submitter if necessary.
  4. Once suitable for merge: Update AUTHORS file.
  5. Add to Subversion and check in using following commit message format:
    #$NUM: Add $PACKAGE (contributed by $PERSON).

    For example, "#357: Add swig (contributed by Luca Ognibene)".

  6. Add Subversion revision information as a comment to the issue:
    Thanks. Added in rXXX.
  7. Set issue resolution to "Accepted", closing the issue.

Any questions, feel free to raise on the mailing list.

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