Getting started

In lieu of proper documentation (which is forthcoming), here's a quick start guide:

  1. Check out mud-builder/trunk from Subversion into a directory under your Scratchbox home:
    svn co mud-builder
  2. In Scratchbox, change to the mud-builder directory and type:
    alias mud=$(pwd)/mud
    This allows you to type mud to invoke the system, without having to add it to your path.
  3. Switch to your SDK_ARMEL target:
    sbox-config -st SDK_ARMEL
    Your device architecture target may be named differently. Substitute the correct name for SDK_ARMEL in this case.
  4. Build the existing netcat package:
    mud build netcat
  5. Copy the resulting upload/netcat-….deb to your Maemo device and install with the Application Manager.

This shows how easy it is to compile Maemo-compatible deb files with mud-builder.

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