Example workflow

  1. User wants (say) nmap on his 770, but notes no-one has yet ported it to the 770 or armel. Even if there was an armel deb available, chances are it wouldn't be in a Maemo repo or the deb configured for the Application Manager.
  2. User downloads/installs mud to his scratchbox and adds the necessary configuration to build nmap. Ideally, this would take no more than a single file containing a single line, but obviously more options are available.
  3. User runs mud build nmap (or similar) and gets an Application Manager-compatible, armel deb ready for uploading to the extras repo. User notices, however, that he doesn't have a Garage account and doesn't think it worthwhile to create one for this one deb.
  4. User submits patch to the mud project, where the patch is reviewed and, potentially included. Next time the mud admins run mud -a build, an additional nmap deb is produced. This is then uploaded to the contrib repo by the mud admins.
  5. Other users refresh their packages and now see that nmap is ported.
  6. As the upstream nmap is updated, so too is the mud package available through the contrib repo.

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